Motion of air molecules
Java-Applet of Fu-Kwun Hwang.

Imagine the motion of gas molecules in the air surrounding us.

  • Please note : this is a slow-motion and a huge enlargement of the real atom or molecule size!

  • Every circle represents a gas molecule in the air. Certainly there are several sorts of them.
  • Zahl defines the total number of molecules in the chosen box.
    Enter a value in this field and press RETURN.
  • m2/m1 is the mass relationship of the big red sphere to the smaller grey spheres (= molecules). Enter different values and find out, what happens, when this mass ratio changes!
  • Pressing + makes the motion faster.
    Press - and they will become slower.

  • Acitivate or deactivate "Bahn" and you will see or switch off the trace of the big red molecule.

  • If you click with the right mouse button, you stop the animation and you can drag the red molecule by hand. If you click again, you restart the animation.

  • If you choose "Noboundary" the molecules will behave as if there were no wall (no reflection) like in real air.