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Clouds &

cloud types * cloud formation * droplet chemistry * light interaction * aerosols * particle sources * visibility * climate interaction * rainbows


Cloud types and properties

Classification of clouds and precipitation
Overview with photos and short descriptions
Cloud gallery with descriptions
Clouds and precipitation
Definitions and overview with fotos

Cloud formation

What are cloud condensation nuclei (CCN)?
summary in key words - part of lecture chapter on condensation: dew, fog and clouds


Atmospheric aerosol
What are they and why they are important - nicely illustrated summary about aersols and their impact from NASA
Aerosols in the atmosphere - an article
Online magazin article in scientific american about aerosol impacts around India and measurements in a field campaign (many commercial ads)


What is opacity?
A definition and short description of measurement and standards (by EPA) 
Visibility and monitoring - an example
Explanation of visibility and its monitoring at Glacier National Park - definition and photos

Light and Rainbow

Interaction of matter and light
Explains how light interacts with dust, aerosols, ice crystals, droplets and how rainbows are formed
Electromagnetic spectrum
Well illustrated explanation of waves and how they form the electromagnetic spectrum - from NASA
Light and ray optics
An explanation of optics, refraction and reflection with some artistic illustrations
Short explanation with images from
another explanation in the Chennai online journal (includes commercials)

Smoke and health

How smoke cans affect health
short summary of health risks and potential protection
About the respiratory system



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