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Tropospheric Chemistry and Oxidation * Carbon Cycle * Emissions from Vegetation * Vegetation fires * Ozone smog



Tropospheric Chemistry and Oxidation

Overview of Trosposperic Chemistry
old article about the basic reactions in tropospheric oxidation, text based (some parts may be outdated), from: International Council in Science - Scientific Committee on the Environment

Carbon Cycle

Ocean Carbon Cycle
scientific lecture on the carbon cycle in the oceans, text only, from: Scott Doney (published by UCAR)

Emissions from Vegetation

Modelling Isoprene Emissions
overview of isoprene emissions as part of a research project, formula and simulation examples, from: Brookhaven Nat. Laboratory

Vegetation fires

Observation of Biomass Burning
essay on the observation of biomass burning by remote sensing, scientific article, from: University College London, Dept. of Geography

Ozone smog

Thermal inversion and photochemical smog
overview with illustrations and reactions, from: Palomar College


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