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WEB-Quest -The Nitrogen Cycle

Self-contained learning of students in the context of the nitrogen cycle.


This task has been developed by Elmar Uherek in cooperation with the chemistry teacher Daniel Schiffbauer and was applied in a school class in Overath / Germany (age group 16-17 years). The students follow the instructions of a WEB-Quest and develop a "folder" on the nitrogen cycle in parallel to normal classes over a time span of about 4 weeks with one (of three) lessons per week supported by the teacher.

Model of teaching (3 lessons of chemistry per week):

Time frame:

4 weeks

Topics of regular classes (2 of 3 lessons per week)

the element nitrogen, oxidation numbers, redox equations, nitrogen fixation and nitrogen exchange in soils, nitrgoen release by animals in different forms, nitrogen emissions from human sources and ozone smog, technical synthesis of ammonia and nitric acid

WEB-Quest support
(1 of 3 lessons per week)

Problems and questions (technical approaches, structuring, content related questions) concerning the WEB-Quest are discussed

Self-contained learning of the students (homework, individual work on school computers)

The WEB-Quest is handed over to the students and its tasks are fulfilled in individual work by the students. The result is summarised in a "folder" which is evaluated by the teacher after the four weeks.

The WEB-Quest is offered as a downloadable and online version: Please CLICK HERE!
The online version is helpful for the students since it contains the active links to the material.


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