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Information for teachers


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Context and Integration into classes

Focus Chemistry:

This edition of the school magazine has been developed for the application in chemistry classes as complementary material to the topic nitrogen cycle.
The article "research" can be used as an introduction to the topic, the article "context"  backs up the classic teaching of the nitrogen cycle. In parallel, students use the WebQuest for self-contained analysis of information beyond the classic teaching materials.

A possible approach for classes is:

- Introduction of the Element Nitrogen
- Introducing text "research" 
   -> Start of the WebQuest work (activities) in parallel to classes
- Nitrogen compounds in different oxidation states
- Redox-reactions and oxidation numbers
- Nitrogen cycle in the soil (nitrogen fixation, denitrification, fertilisation)
- Nitrogen in excrements of animals (ammonia, urea, ...)
- Nitrogen emissions from human sources
- Technical processes for the synthesis of nitrogen compounds
   -> Ammonia synthesis according to Haber Bosch
   -> Nitric acid production in the Ostwald process

Flow chart curricular context

curricular context

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