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Internet resources on the nitrogen cycle and boundary layer ozone

Extended link list

Nitrogen Cycle

 Nitrogen cycle in brief
Very short overview of the nitrogen cycle with scheme from
 Nitrogen cycle
A short one page overview of the essential parts of the nitrogen cycle from Kimball's biology page (scheme + plain text)
 Wikipedia - Nitrogen cycle
A short overview of the basic parts
 A basic look on the nitrogen cycle
A short overview with a scheme from University of Missouri
 Other resources
A short introduction and links to further resources on the nitrogen cycle
 Teachers guide on the nitrogen cycle
Guidelines for classes on the nitrogen cycle in a climate context (UCAR)


Nitrogen fixation

 Introduction to nitrogen fixation
Text based but good and comprehensive introduction to nitrogen fixation (Univ. of Missouri)
 Symbiotic nitrogen fixation
Overview on symbiotic nitrogen fixation with photos from plant roots (Kimball's biology pages)
 Biological nitrogen fixation
Short introduction to biological nitrogen fixation and its importance
 Nitrogen fixation by legumes
Text based extensive information sheet (PDF) from New Mexico State university


 Biochemical background
Biochemical cycles responsible for nitrogen metabolism in living organisms (Indiana State University)


Excretion of nitrogen compounds by animals

 Ammonia from animals
Detailed description of ammonia in animal excretion and potential reduction (Virginia State University)


 Ammonia emissions and animal agriculture
Overview of ammonia emissions from agriculture and impacts of ammonia emissions on health and environment (US CSREES)
 Animal nutrition and nitrogen emissions
Discussion of the dependence of nitrogen emission from animal nutrition. Scientific publication (University of Maryland) - PDF document


Nitrogen fertilisers and Haber Bosch process

 World fertiliser prodcution
Prodution of different sorts of fertilisers in the world in 2002 and 2003 in texts and diagrams from International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA)
 Fertilizer manufacturing
Basic information about manufacturing of fertilizers (production process, techniques, regulations and sustainebility aspects) from European fertiliser manufacturing association EMFA.
 Haber Bosch process for ammonia production
Good and comprehensive overview of the Haber Bosch process in an illustrated overview page: history, chemical reactions, catalysts and physical conditions, relevance for industry including fertilisers
From: AUS-eTUTE, Australian chemical tutorials

Problems of nutrient excess and eutrophication

 What is eutrophication?
Read a description in Wikipedia ...
 Eutrophication in detail and example Sweden
Detailed description of eutrophication, the impacts and examples for municipal water treatment in Sweden. Text and figures from the Swedish Environment Protection Agency
 Eutrophication and impacts
A short overview from the Marine Conservation Society
 About Algae
A short overview about algaea and the related problem in text and photos.
 Investigation of eutrophication
Scientists study eutrophication by adding different amounts of nutrients to little lakes. An example from research ...
Read also about phosphate removal.

For the classroom

 Text and test
on the Haber Process, nitrogen fertilisation and eutrophication


Sources of nitrogen oxides

Where do nitrogen oixdes come from?
An overview of human and natural sources provided by US EPA


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