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Please help us to find valuable links!



Interactive link list: Inform us about your favoured links!

The advantage of interactive tools in the world wide web is that our personal knowledge can become valuable for many users. Please use the opportunity to let others know about your favoured links concerning climate processes and enviroment via our link robot.

Please go to the following website:

Please enter a title, if possible referring to a certain topic (climate general, troposphere, stratosphere, weather, clouds, particles, urban emissions, oceans, agronomy, modelling, ...) and please inform also about the language of the page [ENG], [FR], [GER], [ES], ...
So your title line could look like this:

"Weather: website for kids [ENG]"

Please copy the full web address in the URL field. So your full entry looks like this:


Afterwards please press the SUBMIT button!

(Please ignore automatically generated information in German. The German host provide the CGI script.)

The link will be added and the link list looks like:



We will regularly add new good links from the robot website to this extended link list.

Many thanks for your help!

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