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General recommendation

WW2010 Weather world project - University of Illinois (Index) -> Welcome page
Explanation of nearly everything related to weather - numerous online units
Weather and atmospheric science web courses
The University of Texas Atmospheric science department provides several web courses, partially with interactive tests. The material can be valuable for secondary school students, but addresses primarily university students.

Weather and climate

The Earth's Climate System
Explanation of the Earth's climate system, climate zones, climate history and record

Weather parameters and observation

Wind and storm

Pressure systems and fronts

Circulation around fronts and low pressure centres
Detailed, mainly text based explanations of wind and fronts
Air masses and fronts
A short overview with the list of main characteristics
Pressure gradient forces and winds in WW2010
Understanding weather charts
Explanation of pressure systems and fronts in weather maps


Local circulation

Details about sea breeze
Explanation of the background and presentation of concrete observations in satellite images - good illustrations
Test your knowledge about sea and land breeze
An advanced level interactive test with answers and explanations

Global circulation

Wind and global circulation
An illustrated Powerpoint lecture on pressure systems, local and global circulation - by Chris Funks, Univ. of CA Santa Barbara

El Niño

El Niņo and la niņa - children of the tropics
History and introduction to El Niño
What is an El Niņo
Description and observation techniques in text and graphs
Introduction and record
Introduction what El Niño is and description of former events
The ENSO cycle
Southern Oscillation Index, wind, temperature and precipitation patterns
Links to El Niņo pages


Health impacts related to weather and climate
Text based overview showing scientific results and statistics for the US
WHO Health fact sheets
Fact sheets on the health impacts of climate, El Niño and radiation



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