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The first sections of the 'more' part of the weather topic is dedicated to the issue of precipitation (rainfall or snowfall), which sometimes surprises us and causes major damage. Flash floods, river floods and storm tides, as well as thunderstorms, are all discussed in this section.


The second section explains, in more detail, the wind and weather systems, which have an impact over large areas of the world, such as El Niņo or monsoons. The North Atlantic Oscillation is important for the European weather. In the third section, 'biometeorology', we have a look what health impacts the weather may have.


1. More about floods and thunderstorms

 - Flashfloods
 - Riverfloods
 - Types of thunderstorms
 * Worksheet 1: passage of a cyclone
 * Worksheet 2: Types of clouds
 * Worksheet 3: Write a weather forecast


2. More about the major wind systems, Southern Oscillation and North Atlantic Oscillation

 - Major wind systems
 - Southern Oscillation and the
    history of El Niņo
 - North Atlantic Oscillation
 * Worksheet 1: Southern Oscillation
 * Worksheet 2: El Niņo / La Niņa effects

3. More details about Biometeorology

 - Environmental changes and
    human health
 - Weather and human health
 - Wind chill
 * Worksheet 1: Predict your summer
 * Worksheet 2: Weather observation



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