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climate in cities

Climate in cities

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Unit 1:
Air pollution due to human activity

Industry, energy production and transportation are heavily concentrated in the cities.  These sectors of the economy are the main sources of air pollution, delivering large amounts of gases, particles and dust into the atmosphere.   Each sector delivers a different cocktail of pollutants but as energy production and transport are both based on the combustion of fossil fuels they  emit similar chemicals into the air.  The effect of the pollutants include the modification of our climate and the deterioration of both human health and the natural environment.


Many attempts have been made to reduce air pollution.  At present, the concept of sustainable development is the most widely accepted strategy. Its assumption is that economic growth can be permanent and well-balanced so as to satisfy the needs of society and that this can occur without degrading our natural environment.  To make this a reality, new technologies are being introduced to reduce air pollution and more recycling is encouraged.  Better monitoring is being introduced and, since air pollution is a global problem, international agreements to help improve the situation are being sort.


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