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Upper Atmosphere
1. Dynamics & Aviation
2. Ozone

Higher Atmosphere

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The higher atmosphere and stratospheric processes

The importance of the stratosphere for our life and the influence we have on this layer cannot be understood without understanding the chemical and physical processes taking place in and around the ozone layer.




In the 'Read more' section we describe a little the dynamics of the stratosphere and why it is sensitive to emissions from aviation. Then we concentrate of the chemistry and special conditions given in the natural ozone layer and during its depletion. The role of chlorofluorocarbons is discussed as well as the often misunderstood and not very strong relationship of the ozone hole to global warming.

1. Dynamics of the stratosphere and aviation

- Dynamics of the stratosphere
- Aviation: Development and Climate Impact
* Worksheet 1: Quiz about aviation and climate
* Worksheet 2: Transport, decomposition and CFC effects


2. Ozone, chlorofluorocarbons and the ozone hole

- Stratospheric ozone: history, formation and absorption
- Chlorine chemistry and ozone hole formation
- Chlorofluorocarbons and Hydrogenchlorofluorocarbons
- Ozone hole and global warming - source of misunderstandings
- Stratospheric cooling
* Worksheet 1: two-chamber photoreactor
* Worksheet 2: Ozone: formation, distribution, absorbtion


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