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Worksheet: Warm and cold fronts

Sheet 2: Satellite view of a cold front





This satellite picture shows a cold front above Central Europe.
Print this picture (download worksheet - pdf-File)!

Mark the words, printed bold, in the picture

and draw the bow of the Alps, the Po delta ,

and the border with extreme weather appearances in the picture!


Low (Baltic Sea); 9th of Sept. 2001, 9:16 - 14:44 UTC, NOAA VIS
author: Bernhard Muehr, Institute for Meteorology and climate science Berlin, University of Karlsruhe


Impressive swirl-structure of a strong cyclone with its center above the East European Sea.

Having almost completely occluded the cold air moves along a broad bow

above Northwest, Middle and East Europe

into the center of the cyclone
(observe the araeted and cellular picture of clouds).

The plain of the Po delta, in the lee-side of the Alps, is almost free of clouds.

Further eastwards a broad, bright band of clouds

marks the border to continental warm air above southeast Europe;

at this border extreme weather appearances are normal.



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