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January 2007


screenview game

2007-01-15 Climate Challenge - the climate game

BBC presents in cooperation with Red Redemption a new online climate game. The idea is to find a way to keep the balance between a good climate policy and other challenges which are arising in our economies and societies.

In brief: "You are president of the European Nations. You must tackle climate change and stay popular enough with the voters to remain in office."

Please visit:
BBC climate challenge

15.06.2005 ACCENT school magazine

The atmosphere and global change in the curricular context

During term times a monthly edition of the ACCENT online magazine for classes will appear. The magazine is produced for quick and immidiate integration into the lessons. An article 'Research' describes up-to-date research of common interest in scientific institutes. An article 'Context' explains the links between this work and topics usually treated in schoolbooks and science lessons. Information for teachers is offered in order to show how the material can be applied with only a small amount of time and effort. Furthermore there are tasks and activities suggested in order to complement the lessons on this topic. All materials are additionally provided as PDF version for download in the 'material corner'.



Please visit:

May edition - "The fever chart of carbon dioxide"

June edition - "Forest smell, particles and clouds"

The material is suitable the subjects geography, chemistry, physics and biology for pupils from 14 years upward.

Carboschools Logo

2005-06-01  CarboEurope - Explore the global carbon budget

CarboEurope and CarboOcean, two major European research projects on the carbon cycle, invite secondary schools to engage in interdisciplinary projects to raise the awareness of young people to the local and global stakes of climate change, discover scientific research on the topic and act locally to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Join us in a great scientific adventure, share our fascination for the planet and imagine solutions for the future!

Visit the CARBOSCHOOLS website!


editors: Sally Taylor (University of Leeds), Elmar Uherek (Max Planck Institute Mainz)




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