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The day after tomorrow
Everything fiction?
The film
The 'Pentagon Study'
Expectance for the future
Scientific background of the film

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The day



Climate change on the silver screen - starting worldwide in the cinemas May 28th:

"The day after tomorrow"

Are we expecting the climate catastrophy the day after tomorrow? - a film review


The Earth becomes warmer and warmer ...
But suddenly everything changes. The heat transport by the North Atlantic current stops. The weather plays up ...
Orange sized hailstones in Tokyo.
Snow in New Delhi.
Storms devastate the US.
A giant flood wave drowns New York ...
... after that the town freezes in ice.


New York in snow

Fiction: New York freezes in ice  20th Century Fox



Poster  20th Century Fox


At the end of the film the only comfort is that it is not reality. We can go home and get back to daily life. Hollywood has entertained us with special effects, catastrophic scenarios, they let us shiver, and take our emotions on a roller coaster ride... like in the 'Lord of the Rings' and all the big Hollywood blockbusters.

There is only one problem: Climate change is taking place, it is already happening and it will go on and we do not know exactly what sort of future it will lead us to.

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About this series:
Author: Dr. Elmar Uherek, Max Planck Institute for chemistry, Mainz / Germany
English reviewing and correction: Sally Taylor, University of Leeds
Scientific reviewing and support with material: Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf, Dr. Susanne Nawrath, Potsdam institute for climate impact research




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