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The day after tomorrow
Everything fiction?
The film
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The 'Pentagon Study'
Expectance for the future

climate up-to-date

The day



How quickly can climate change?

Many answers lie in the ice


How did Jack manage to predict an ice age? How do we dare to predict, how the climate will change or can change? Modern global climate observations have been carried out for only a few decades. This data therefore, provides no basis for conclusions. In the Antarctic and Arctic ice however, one layer of snow after the other has been deposited - summer after summer, winter after winter. Paleoclimatologists can read this information like tree rings and can draw conclusions about past climatic conditions.


Markieren von Eisbohrkernen

Core logging: Each section was measured and labeled with certain information such as its depth.
Photo: Climate Change Research Center - University of New Hampshire


The ice also includes some air bubbles, which contain air that is as old as the ice around them. Scientists can analyse the composition of this air. From fast climate changes observed in the past and the current climatic conditions, we can draw conclusions about potential changes in the future. This is why research stations are built on the polar ice.


Hall in Antarctica

Jack Hall doing research in Antarctica
© 20th century FOX


Vostok Station

The Vostok research station in Antarctica


Hall is on an Antarctic research mission. As he is caught with his pants down, the ice below him starts moving ...

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"It was cold everywhere", says Quaid who portrays climatologist Jack Hall. "It was cold inside the set, it was cold outside the set, it was cold during the day and cold as hell at night. There we were in Montreal from November to April during one of their coldest winters on record making this huge disaster movie about the next killer Ice Age. We couldn’t escape from it. It actually got to a point where we learned to recognize people not by their faces but by the colour of their parkas."




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