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Спецвыпуск: МГЭИК 2007 Изменение климата
№ 10 Сентябрь 2006 Эмиссии в Африке
№ 9 Июль 06 Воздушный транспорт
Спецвыпуск: Июнь 06 Саммит по климату
R: Climate summit report
C: Glossary
A: Activities
International support
Climate research
Word square
What can I do?
L: Links
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№ 8 Апрель 2006 Озон и цикл N2
№ 7 Март 2006 Моделирование климата
№ 6 Февраль 2006 кислотные дожди
№ 5 Январь 2006 сера океана
Спецвыпуск: Ноябрь 05 Оззи Озон
Спецвыпуск: Сентябрь 05 Циклоны
№ 4 Октябрь 2005 свет/спутники
№ 3 Сентябрь 2005 метан/энергия
Спецвыпуск: Июль 05 Парниковая Земля
№ 2 Июнь 2005 лес/аэрозоль
№ 1 Май 2005 растительность / СО2

Looking out to the future

What will happen to our climate? How are the countries in the world going to react? What are you going to do personally?

Climate change is a big challenge for the world. We speak about what is going to happen. You can fill in gaps and tell yourself using the following worksheets.


Worksheet No. 1

Imagine a world in which the nations help each other in taking measures against climate change. Describe what they are going to do!

Worksheet No. 2

ACCENT is a network of research groups. The scientists try to understand more about our climate. They made plans for the future. Fill in the gaps in this worksheet.

Worksheet No. 3

Sixth sentences about our climate. Complete them with the help of a word square.

Worksheet No. 4

Susannah and Nick speak about their personal contributions for a better environment. Join their discussion and tell what you would like to do.

Read the following text and summarise the major impacts of climate change in your own words.




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