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Спецвыпуск: МГЭИК 2007 Изменение климата
№ 10 Сентябрь 2006 Эмиссии в Африке
№ 9 Июль 06 Воздушный транспорт
Спецвыпуск: Июнь 06 Саммит по климату
R: Climate summit report
C: Glossary
A: Activities
L: Links
I: Information for teachers
№ 8 Апрель 2006 Озон и цикл N2
№ 7 Март 2006 Моделирование климата
№ 6 Февраль 2006 кислотные дожди
№ 5 Январь 2006 сера океана
Спецвыпуск: Ноябрь 05 Оззи Озон
Спецвыпуск: Сентябрь 05 Циклоны
№ 4 Октябрь 2005 свет/спутники
№ 3 Сентябрь 2005 метан/энергия
Спецвыпуск: Июль 05 Парниковая Земля
№ 2 Июнь 2005 лес/аэрозоль
№ 1 Май 2005 растительность / СО2


This linklist is split into two parts with a completely different focus

Part A: Grammar - Links about future tenses

Part B: Content - Links about the climate summit in Montreal and climate conventions


Part A: Grammar - Links about future tenses

 Short overview with context
Short desciption of the future tenses in the context of all tenses
 The four future tenses (will) provides an introduction how to form the four future tenses with will
 -> simple future (I will sing)
 -> future continuous (I will be singing)
 -> future perfect (I will have sung)
 -> future perfect continuous (I will have been singing)
 The future tenses (including going to)
A comparable overview is given by including the future with "to be going to"
 -> simple future: "will" or "to be going to"
 -> future in the past: "would" or "was going to"
 -> future continuous
 Introduction to verb forms interactive exercices - overview
provided by the University of Victoria (Canada) - In detail

 -> future with "going to"
 -> future with "will"
 -> four ways to talk about the future


Part B: Content - The Montreal climate summit and International treaties

Reports from the Montreal climate summit

 BBC online article
A political view on the climate summit
 Greenpeace summary
A very short summary of the decisions from Montreal is given by Greenpeace
 Press release from UNFCCC
The official press release from the organiser (UNFCCC) on the Montreal climate summit

Background and further reading:

More detailed reports from Montreal are not easy to read for non-experts. However, for the interested the following resources can be useful:

 Report offered by the Wuppertal institute (PDF)
The Montreal climate summit: Starting the Kyoto business and preparing for post-2012. A 13 pages PDF report (text only).
 Earth Negotiations Bulletin
Detailed summary report from the Montreal climate summit
 Decisions from UNFCCC website
The official documents from the climate summit in Montreal can be found on the UNFCCC website. But they are only understandable for experts familiar with the negotiation process.






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