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Food and Climate
1. Plants and climate
- plants and environment
- distribution
- diseases
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2. The climate change issue
3. Drought in the Mediterranean
food and climate

Food & Climate 


Unid 1:
Plants and climate

Why is climate change of concern in agriculture?

Agricultural success is dependent on climate because heat, light, and water are the main drivers of crop growth.  Plant diseases and pest infestations, as well as the water needed for irrigation, are also governed by climate.




The total amount of food produced in the world varies from year to year, largely as a result of weather conditions.  Some agricultural regions are more sensitive to changes in weather than others.  The most sensitive regions are often in the developing countries where less advanced technology is available to prevent floods and to minimise the impact of droughts and where soils, terrain and climate are less suited to agriculture.

What is the main task nowadays?

The main task today is to identify the regions which are most likely to be vulnerable to climate change.  This will, hopefully, allow regions to adapt so that the impact of climate change is minimised.



red terrasses

1. Farmland landscape in North America.
Photo by USDA NRCS

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