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People Changing Climate
1. Man-made climate change?
2. What will the future be like?
3. How to hinder climate change
people changing climate

How are
people changing
the climate?


Greenhouse gases emitted from cars, planes, factories and power plants are changing the Earth's climate, and contributing to global warming




We still do not know exactly how sensitive the Earth's climate is to these human activities, but we know they make our planet warmer. In this text you can learn how our actions affect the climate of our planet, how the climate may change in the future and what consequences this could have for the lives of people, animals and plants. You can also learn what we can do to slow down or stop climate change.


The text is divided into three units, and each unit is divided into two sections: a Basics-section and a Read more-section. Both sections have a worksheet.

In the text in the Basics-section you will find links to the Read more-section. Follow those links if you want to explore an issue in more depth (rather than reading the Read more-section from beginning to end). 


1. Man-made climate change?


  • Introduction
  • What is happening to the climate?
  • How do we know that people have affected the climate? 
  • Where do the emissions come from?


Read more:

  • Observed changes in concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
  • Observed changes in the Earth's climate
  • The inertia of the climate system
  • Feedback effects
  • Abrupt changes



2. What will
    a warmer world be like?


  • Introduction
  • Example 1: Europe is flooding!
  • Example 2: Waiting for the rain in India
  • Consequences for people


Read more:

  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  • Future emissions and climate change
  • Changes in different parts of the world
  • Vulnerability and adaptation


3. How can we hinder
    man-made climate


  • Introduction
  • What can you do?
  • What can the Government do?
  • International co-operation


Read more:

  • More emissions despite improved technology
  • Emissions trading in the EU
  • The Climate Convention (the UNFCCC)
  • The Kyoto Protocol


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Photo: NASA

Scientific material
: Author: Camilla Schreiner - CICERO (Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo) - Norway.  Scientific reviewers: Andreas Tjernshaugen - CICERO, Norway - 2004-01-20 and Dr. Knut Alfsen - Statistics Norway, Norway - 2003-09-12.  Educational reviewer: Nina Arnesen - Marienlyst School, Oslo, Norway - 2004-03-10.  Last update: 2004-03-27.
Worksheets: Authors: Ellen K. Henriksen and Camilla Schreiner - University of Oslo, Norway.  Scientific reviewer: Andreas Tjernshaugen - CICERO, Norway - 2004-01-20.  Educational reviewer: Nina Arnesen - Marienlyst School, Oslo, Norway - 2004-03-10.  Last update: 2004-03-27.




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