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Climate in Cities
1. Air Pollution
2. Urban Climate
- What controls it?
- Heat Island
- Air circulation
* Worksheet 1
* Worksheet 2
* Worksheet 3
3. Acid Rain
climate in cities

Climate in cities


2. Urban climate
Wind in the city

Worksheet 2: Test your knowlegde





Can you answer the following questions on urban climate?

1) Which factor does not influence  the formation of an urban climate?
a) air pollution
b) albedo
c) the type of soil the city is built on
d) combustion of fossil fuels


3) The intensity of the urban heat island (UHI) ...
a) ... does not change over the year.
b) ... is higher in winter than it is in summer.
c) ... is higher in summer than it is in winter.
d) ... is highest in autumn.


5) The occurence of the UHI causes changes in the urban climate. 
Which statement is wrong?
a) The growing season is longer.
b) The amount of rainfall is higher.
c) There are more hot days in the city than in the non urban areas.
d) Cumulus clouds are seen less often.


7) Air circulation in the city is not controlled by ...
a) air temperature
b) the steepness of the roofs or the width of the streets
c) the roughness of the surface
d) the presence of barriers


9) The average annual windspeed in Chicago is ...
a) 1 m s-1
b) 50 m s-1
c) 10 m s-1
d) 100 m s-1
2) Which of these does not contribute to the formation of an urban heat island?
a) residential area
b) industrial area
c) a power plant
d) a large train station


4) The phenomenon of the UHI has negative impacts on human health.  It can cause ...
a) high blood pressure
b) coughing
c) constant freezing outside the city
d) overheating


6) Which statement is wrong?
Air pollution ...
a) ...decreases air transparency.
b) ...changes the composition of urban air.
c) ... is highest in the evening.
d) ... reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface.


8) Which statement is correct?
The windspeed is ...
a) ... higher in the center of the city than in the suburbs
b) ... higher at street corners than in the middle of the street.
c) ... higher in summer than in winter.
d) ... higher in the cities than in urban areas.


10) What helps reduce the negative impact of the urban climate?
a) people moving into the city centre
b) increasing the amount of parks and lawns
c) increasing the number of power plants
d) building higher buildings

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