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Climate in Cities
1. Air Pollution
2. Urban Climate
3. Acid Rain
- What is it?
- Impact 1
- Areas in danger
* Worksheet 1
* Worksheet 2
climate in cities

Climate in cities



3. Acid rain

Worksheet 1: Test yourself

Quiz about the causes of acid rain

This is an interactive web-page.


Find the right answers!

1) We call the rain 'acid rain' if it has a pH value below:
a) pH 7.0.
b) pH 5.6.
c) pH 5.0.
d) pH 4.6.

2) The pH value of rainwater indicates:
a) the amount of carbon dioxide in the rainwater.
b) the amount of dust in the rainwater.
c) the amount of water in the rainwater.
d) the amount of hydrogen ions in the rainwater.

3) Which is more acid than freshly brewed coffee?
a) fresh tomatoes
b) fresh distilled water
c) fresh blood
d) fresh milk

4) Which statement(s) is (are) true?
a) Sulphur dioxide from coal fired power plants prevents acid rain.
b) Nitrogen oxides from car exhausts increase the pH of rainwater.
c) An acid solution of carbon dioxide in rainwater is called acid rain.
d) Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are the main cause of acid rain.

5) Where did emissions of sulphur dioxide increase the most between  1960 and 1995?
a) in Europe
b) in North-America
c) in Asia
d) in Oceania

6) Which Country emitted the largest amount of nitrogen oxides in 1995?
a) China
b) USA
c) India
d) Germany

7) How did emissions of nitrogen oxides change in Europe between 1990 and 1998?
a) Emissions stayed the same.
b) Emissions decreased by about 15%.
c) Emissions decreased by about 21%.
d) Emissions decreased by about 44%.


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If the little solution window disappears, just reopen it from the task row!
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