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Climate in Cities
1. Air Pollution
2. Urban Climate
3. Acid Rain
- Origin
- Impact 2
- What can we do?
* Worksheet 1
climate in cities

Climate in cities

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3. Acid Rain - more

Worksheet 1: Test yourself

Quiz about the causes of acid rain

This is an interactive web-page.


Find the right answers!

1) Which substances are the main causes of acid rain?
a) ammonia and chloride.
b) nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide.
c) carbon dioxide and carbon monooxide.
d) CFC's and VOC's.

2) When was the acid rain problem discovered first on a large scale?
a) in 1692 by Robert Boyle.
b) in 1872 by Robert August Smith.
c) between 1960 and 970 by many scientists.
d) between 1970 and 1980 by many scientists.

3) The relationship between dry and wet deposition of an acid is about:
b) 1:1000
c) 1:100
d) 1:1

4) Which building material resists acid rain the longest?
a) marble
b) normal quality steel
c) sandstone
d) chromium-nickel-steel 

5) Cleaning exhaust gases from coal fired power plants removes many chemicals but not ...
a) dust
b) carbon dioxide
c) sulphur dioxide
d) nitrogen oxides

6) Which process emits the most nitrogen oxides?
a) burning fuels at high temperatures.
b) using fuels which contain a large amount of nitrogen.
c) burning fuels with plenty of air.
d) burning fuels with only small amounts of air.

7) Once acid rain falls how can we reduce its impact?

a) Nothing can be done.

b) Growing coniferous trees.

c) Adding lime to the soil.

d) Adding aluminium to the soil.


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If the little solution window disappears, just reopen it from the task row!
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