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People Changing Climate
1. Man-made climate change?
- What is happening?
- How do we know?
- Where do emissions come from?
* Worksheet 1
* Worksheet 2
* Worksheet 3
2. What will the future be like?
3. How to hinder climate change
people changing climate

How are
people changing
the climate?


1. Man-made climate change?

Worksheet 1





Can you answer the following questions?


1) The atmosphere is getting warmer because humans are contributing to...
a) holes in the ozone layer
b) a rise in the level of radioactivity
c) an increased greenhouse effect
d) acid rain


2) One of the reasons why the sea level is rising is that...
a) more rain leads to more water in the oceans
b) water expands when it gets warmer
c) icebergs in the sea are melting
d) we do not know the reasons


3) The most important greenhouse gas released by people is...
a) the CFC's
b) carbon dioxide (CO2)
c) methane (CH4)
d) ozone (O3)


4) Burning wood and coal leads to emissions of CO2. Does coal or wood contribute the most to climate change?
a) none of them contribute
b) both contribute equally
c) wood
d) coal


5) Which of the following is not believed to have influenced the temperature increase in the atmosphere over the last 30-50 years?
a) nuclear power plants
b) solar activity
c) deforestation
d) emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere


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About this page:

Authors: Ellen K. Henriksen and Camilla Schreiner - University of Oslo - Norway.
Scientific reviewer: Andreas Tjernshaugen - CICERO (Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo) - Norway - 2004-01-20 
Educational reviewer: Nina Arnesen - Marienlyst school in Oslo - Norway - 2004-03-10.
Quiz programmer: Julia Heres - University of Nürnberg - Germany.
Last update: 2004-03-27.




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