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People Changing Climate
1. Man-made climate change?
- What is happening?
- How do we know?
- Where do emissions come from?
* Worksheet 1
* Worksheet 2
* Worksheet 3
2. What will the future be like?
3. How to hinder climate change


people changing climate

How are
people changing
the climate?


1. Man-made climate change?

Worksheet 2





1. Answer individually or in groups

What is a computer model and how are climate models constructed?

Why are there always uncertainties attached to climate model calculations.  What are the most important sources of these uncertainties?


2. Can you answer the following questions?

1) Which countries emit the most CO2 per person?
a) rich countries
b) poor countries
c) there are only very small differences between countries
d) we still do not know enough about this


2) Which of the following emits the most CO2 globally?
a) rice cultivation
b) spray cans
c) waste deposits
d) transport

3) The greatest problem with deforestation in a climate context is...

a) the loss of trees which could have taken up and stored CO2
b) energy consumption in the lumbering process 
c) deforestation does not contribute to increased greenhouse effect!
d) emissions of gases during the burning of the biomass


Quiz results:

Questions you got right:

Questions you got wrong:

Grade in %:


3. Answer individually or in groups

In a global warming context, energy from fossil fuels is different from other energy sources. 

What do we mean by "fossil fuels"? 

Why do fossil fuels receive so much attention in discussions of climate change?


1. Drawing: Per Einar Arnstad, Norway

About this page:

Authors: Ellen K. Henriksen and Camilla Schreiner - University of Oslo - Norway.
Scientific reviewer: Andreas Tjernshaugen - CICERO (Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo) - Norway - 2004-01-20
Educational reviewer: Nina Arnesen - Marienlyst school in Oslo - Norway - 2004-03-10.
Quiz programmer: Julia Heres - University of Nürnberg - Germany.
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