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Food and Climate
1. Plants and climate
2. The climate change issue
- climate change effects on plants
- contribution of agriculture
- future food production
* Worksheet 1
* Worksheet 2
* Worksheet 3
3. Drought in the Mediterranean
food and climate

Food & Climate 


2. Climate Change

 Worksheet 1: Quizzes



Exercise 1:

Can you answer the following questions on climate change?

future possible crop yields

1. Results of modelling for crop yields in the future.
Source Rosenzweig and Iglesias, 2002



Changes in temperature, rainfall and carbon dioxide levels alter farming conditions.

The text on "future food production" shows maps which show how crop growth will change.

Use these maps to help you answer the following questions.


Answer the following questions on climate change?

1) In which areas will agricultural crops increase the most up until 2020?

a) in Canada
b) in South America
c) in Australia
d) in Central East Asia


2) What are the predictions on crop growth in Central and Southern Europe up until the year 2050?
a) decrease of 0 - 2.5%
b) increase of 2.5 - 5%
c) increase of 5 - 10 %
d) increase of 10 - 20%

3) In which areas of the world are the largest decreases in crop yield expected up until the year 2080?
a) in India and Mexico
b) in USA and Southeast Asia
c) in China and South America
d) in Australia, Canada and Russia


Quiz results:

Questions you got right:

Questions you got wrong:

Grade in %:

2. Exercise

Climate change will affect plant growth and agricultural production.

Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong. Click the green button, if you think, the answer is right and choose the red one, if you think the answer is wrong.


plants in dry soil

2. Dry soil.  Photo: Hemera - Big box of art.


a) Extreme heat can cause sterility of pollen.

b) The growth period in Northern Europe will be shorter in the future.

c) Fruits which now only grow in southern countries will soon grow in more northerly regions.


d) As the temperature increases, the yield of some crops will fall.


e) Lack of rain improves agricultural production.


f) Flooding suffocates the roots of plants.

g) Increasing rainfall without flooding normally reduces the crop yield.

h) Dryness increases agricultural production.

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