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Climate Change classes 1
UQ 3 May 07 Cars and ozone
UQ 2 Mar 07 Urban air
Climate change 2007 IPCC special
UQ 1 Nov Dec 06 Particles in air
Special: Oct. 2006 Communication
Nr 10 Sept. 2006 Africa's emissions
Nr 9 July 06 Air traffic
Special: June 06 Climate summit
Nr 8 April 2006 Ozone & N2 cycle
Nr 7 March 2006 Climate modeling
Nr 6 Feb. 2006 acid rain
Nr 5 Jan. 2006 oceanic sulfur
Special: Nov 05 Ozzy Ozone
Nr 4 Oct. 2005 light/satellites
Special: Sept 05 Cyclones
Nr 3 Sept. 2005 methane/energy
Special: July 05 Greenhouse Earth
Nr 2 June 2005 forest/aerosols
No 1 May 2005 vegetation/CO2


Global Change Magazine

for Schools

Special IPCC 2007

What is ACCENT?

ACCENT is a European network of more than 30 research institutes working in the field of atmoshperic and atmosphere related research.

What is the idea of ACCENT?

The overall goals of ACCENT are to promote a common European strategy for research on atmospheric composition sustainability, to develop and maintain durable means of communication and collaboration within the European scientific community, to facilitate this research and to optimise the interactions with policy-makers and the general public.

What does ACCENT for schools?

The ACCENT subproject 'Training & Education' develops online information and downloadable resouces for immediate application in the classroom in English, French and German. This is presented in the 'Global change magazine', showing reports from up-to-date science in the context of school curricula.

What do you find in the 'Global change magazine' for schools?

The magazine is an all inclusive publication for immediate application in the classroom, useful and made for teachers and pupils. It is divided into five sections presented in different colors. In the magazines each icon is clickable and leads you to the respective part:





The research article presents real applications for the theory students learn in school. It explains the work, measurements and up-to-date results of scientists in the research institutes of the ACCENT network, but always keeping the link to the content in daily teaching practise.



The context is a sort of hybrid of a typical school book section and a bridge to the research article. It complements the school book by chapters which could be already there but which are here ideally adapted in order to understand the research article better.


In the activitiy section you may find worksheets with tasks and questions, interactive tests, recommendations for experiments, ideas for group work or stimuli for creative explorations of the scientific world. Activities motivate the pupils to repeat, understand, interprete, transfer and conclude from what they learned.


Here you find links to further information in the Internet related to the main topic of the respective edition of the online magazine and the context in classes. In particular background information from the ESPERE Climate Encyclopaedia is used.

Information for teachers

Here you find as teacher the link to the 'material corner', downloadable versions of the texts, approaches how the tasks should be solved, a flow chart for visualisation of the teaching course, the pedagogic goals and further recommendations, sometimes also concrete material for an extension of the topic.




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