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Increasing global air traffic

What are the climate impacts?



Joint edition of ECATS* & ACCENT

Newcastle airport (

Newcastle Airport, Source:


No. 9

July 2006




Air traffic and climate

Emissions from aeroplanes can enter the atmosphere at  a very sensitive point. As well as the emission of carbon dioxide, many other emissions and secondary effects have to be considered. We are just on the way to understanding how much they could change our climate. [ more ]



Much air travel is related to tourism. But what is tourism, how has it developed in recent decades and what are the foreseeable trends? [ more ]


We imagine different types of travel for diverse purposes and think over what influences people's decisions and how we can categorise them. Here you can find an exercise for group work in the classroom. [ more ]


In the link list we point to further information about aviation and climate as well as to ideas for the classroom application of the topic tourism. [ more ]

Information for teachers

Download material and recommendations for the application of the magazine in the curricular context. [ more ]



*ECATS = Environmental Compatible Air Transport System  -> Website

ECATS is a network of excellence funded in the 6th framework program of the European Commission.



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