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Domestic fires in Africa

What is emitted by the cooking fires in private households?

Emission measurements in Africa

Measurement of emissions in private households. In most African households firewood is still the commonly used energy source. What is the contribution of domestic fires to the overall emissions and what role do they play for the local and global climate?


No. 10

September 2006




Domestic biomass burning in Africa

Firewood is the most important energy source for stoves in African households. We report about investigations in fuel use in Kenya and Zimbabwe and fire characteristics. [ more ]


A plant oil stove for developing countries

Experts familiar with the situation in developing countries think over how to improve the situation and reduce the use of firewood and charcoal in a realistic way. Here we give the example of a newly developed plant oil stove ... [ more ]

Environment and energy in Africa

Climate change may become a burden for Africa. But the real impacts are not well known and more likely the local conditions will have a stronger influence on how much stress is put upon the ecosystems in African countries ... [ more ]


Find here three tasks about cooking devices in Africa and the energy supply in general. [ more ]

Africa: Economy, energy, biomass, firewood and climate links

Here you will find a link list on African economy and energy supply with special foci on biomass burning. [ more ]

Information for teachers

Here you find links to downloadable materials and recommendations for the integration of this magazine into the curriculum, in particular for the topic of "developing countries" in geography teaching. [ more ]



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