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Why a link list?

We link to useful websites in the Internet, in order to get a deeper understanding or point to different aspects related to topics which are explained in the ESPERE climate encyclopaedia. We try to find good pages with correct contents and helpful explanations. We also try to keep the link lists updated. However, we are not responsible for the contents of the websites we link to and  refuse any liability for potential mistakes, outdated information or other undesirable publications.

How does ist work?

Links are sorted by content and level. You can click in the navigation table top right every level for every topic and will find a subcategorisation with the respective links. The categorisation by contents is accordinig to the topics in the ESPERE climate encyclopaedia. The subcategorisation of every page is summarised in the colored part top left of the respective page.

The categorisation by levels depends strongly on personal estimations of the reader and editor. We recommend to look for links always in different levels. Links have been sorted in the following way:

Kids -> addresses first of all children usually in primary schools and not older than 13 years.
Basics -> addresses pupils between 13 and 19 years as well as the average citizen without special education in science
Advanced -> addresses secondary school pupils, teachers and readers which more detailed background knowledge in science
Scientific -> addresses teachers, readers with deeper experience in science, scientists, university students, ...
Teaching -> includes links with teaching material which is primarily made for the utilisation in classes

Please support us!

The fluctuation of web-addresses in the Internet is high. We are grateful for any information about invalid links on the ESPERE webpages. We also appreciate recommendations of good webpages, which should be added to the link lists or information about pages, we link to but include to your opinion wrong contents. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail.

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With many thanks,

                  the ESPERE team





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