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weather & climate * pressure sytems * fronts * wind * floods * local & global circulation * El Nino * farmers rules * biometeorology


General recommendation

WW2010 Weather world project - University of Illinois (Index) -> Welcome page
Explanation of nearly everything related to weather - numerous online units

Weather and climate

An overview of weather and climate
Concise overview in form of a lecture, giving an introduction to weather and climate and their history
Weather and climate: a definition  - Comparison of the terms in a table
Climate diagramm
Short description of the climate diagramm following the method of Walter and Lieth
Questions and answers about weather and climate
Answers to some basic questions in a text based overview with a few good illustrations

Weather parameters and observation

Observation techniques
Detailed and understandable overview of observation techniques

Wind and storm

Australian severe weather
Excellent examples and many commented photographs of fronts and storm events observed in Australia
Accu School pages on hurricanes
Anatomy, development and other facts on hurricanes explained in an illustrated and understandable way
Development of a hurricane
documented in commented satellite pictures and illustrations, example Andrew (Attention: big images take loading time)
Overview of storm sites (partially outdated)

Pressure systems and fronts

Where does wind come from?
Illustrated explanation of wind on a local and global scale (page driven by Danish windpower company)
A short definiton and overview - weathermap symbols
Cold front / warm front visualisation
High and low pressure - cyclones and anticyclones
a short and simple illustrated introduction
Coriolis force
Explanation and interactive example game


Thunderstorm, flashfloods and hail
Detailed description of thunderstorms and related phenomena, text only, links to power point presentations on thunderstorms, lightning and microbursts.
Thunderstorms (Britannica description)
Definition and pure text description, well structured and precise
Simple thunderstorm page describing the important aspects
Short overview (Atmosphere and weather)
A short introduction with simple sketches about thunderstorms is given in a Atmosphere and Weather lecture

Local circulation

Convection and circulation
Short but good and well illustrated overview of convection and local circulation in different environments (sea, mountains, ...)
Sea breeze - local observation and explanation
concrete example and general explanation as part of the NOAA educational pages on ocean phenomena

Global circulation

Simple models of global circulation
An explanation of the basic air flows over the world as part of the Physical Geography net.
Global scale circulation
An introduction from Physical Environment
General circulation
short overview of the processes governing the air flow on a global scale

El Niño

Overview of El Niņo educational sites (partially outdated)
What is El Niņo?
A short introduction on the NASA Kids pages

Weather and health

Health risk related to daily weather
Overview and forecasts for health risk factors in the US (provided by Intellicast, many advertisements)
Health issues related to weather
Overview from the AccuWeather page focussing on the US
Potential climate change impacts
short text summary of potential impact of climate change for our health

Weather proverbs

Weather proverbs - true or false?
Some examples and their background
Russian and other weather lores ...
Very nice guideline for studying weather lores and their backgrounds



Links collected and uploaded by Liezl Escabusa, Elmar Uherek



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