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Upper atmosphere


atmospheric layers * dynamics * aviation * stratospheric ozone * ozone hole * CFCs * observation



Layers and parameters changing in the atmosphere

Pressure and other parameters in the air
The 'atmosphere in motion' is a lecture on pressure, gradients in the air and wind, giving an introduction also to the vertical changes


IPCC report on aviation
Extensive report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change about the knowledge about aviation in 1999. (After a break in because of Sept. 11th 2001 and the Iraq war trends are now going back to the estimated developments.)
IATA Pressroom
IATA is the International Air Transport Association - in the Pressroom you will find not easy readable articles, but information about air traffic and other developments from reliable sources
Flying high?
An overview article on flight development in the 21th century from the World Energy Council
Crowded skies impact air quality
A magazine article showing the negative aspects of air transport in the US


Stratosphere's composition, structure and dynamics
A text based lecture about details of stratospheric dynamics: Brewer Dobson circulation, atmospheric waves, stratophere-troposphere-exchange
 Energy and heat in the atmosphere
A lecture explaining in detail the theoretical background of the dynamics but also many other aspects of energy and kinetics in the air.


Stratospheric Ozone

FAQ about Ozone - UNEP Ozone secretariat
Excellent overview of knowledge and frequently asked questions about ozone and the ozone hole - from United Nations Env. Programme ozone secretariat (also Spanish and French).
Monitoring of stratospheric ozone
Ozone data and information about ozone monitoring from NOAA Climate Prediction Center

Ozone Hole

Twenty questions and answers about the ozone layer / sci. assessment on ozone depletion (UNEP, WMO, NOAA)
Wide overview on the ozone hole and ozone depletion
Impacts of ozone depletion
Good overview article about the impacts of ozone depletion, in particular also on health - text based with a few figures
Ozone and ozone destruction
A short overview
Ozone depletion and its impacts
Primarily text based introduction treating the main aspects - part of a lecture from Univ. of Michigan

Chlorofluorocarbons CFC

Introduction, history and monitoring of CFCs
A text based  detailed overview how CFCs spread, have been reduced and how they are monitored
Problems with Chlorofluorocarbons
Good overview of compound class, chemical properties and reactions
CFC and HCFC global warming potentials
Overview article about the global warming potential of CFCs and their replacements (text based with figures)

Volcanoes and climate

Volcano and climate change
NASA article
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) from volcanos
Short overview of the importance of sulfur dioxide in troposphere and stratosphere

Observing the atmosphere - techniques

What is LIDAR?
Short introduction to LIght Detection And Ranging with links to further information
How stuff works: Radar
Easily understandable introduction to the RADAR technique (page includes ads)
Links compiled and uploaded by Liezl Escabusa and Elmar Uherek



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