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Lower Atmosphere
Greenhouse effect
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The Atmosphere * Structure of the atmosphere * Composition of the air * Climate Regions * Greenhouse effect * Earth's Radiation Budget * Nitrogen Cycle * Carbon Cycle * Vegetation fires * Ozone and smog * Ozone and health



The Atmosphere ...

An introduction to the atmosphere ...
Background material in text and illustrations as well as activities from UCAR Atmospheric Science Explorers

Composition, air pressure, movements in the air ...
An introduction to the atmosphere, its properties and measurement techniques in text and illustrations with dictionary and material for teachers from: Math/Science Nucleus

The structure of the Atmosphere ...

Density, pressure, temperature, ...
an illustrated guide through the atmosphere and its physical properties, from: Lyndon State College

The atmosphere and its layers
a short illustrated exploration of the atmosphere, from: Boscobel Area School, Wisconsin
The structure of the atmosphere
on one short page, from: TeacherTECH - Rice University, Texas

Composition of the air ...

Evolution and composition of the atmosphere
How did the atmosphere develop, what is it made of now? an illustrated overview, from: Global Change, Univ. of Michigan

Composition and physical characteristics of the atmosphere
an overview in lecture notes, from: Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment, Bangkok
A diver is investigating air
composition and physical aspects of air related to water, by Craig R. P. Heath

Earth Surface and Climate Zones

World Climate and Koeppen Classification
The Koeppen climate map and the definition of climate regions, from: Blue Planet Biomes

Climate classification and climate regions of the world
Classification of climates and climate diagrammes from all over the world, from: Physical Geography Net

Greenhouse effect ...

An introduction to the greenhouse effect ...
Background material in text and illustrations as well as activities from UCAR Atmospheric Science Explorers

Global warming in the Internet ...
Find here an overview of links to global warming pages ... it is a hot topic in political discussion, different authors have different opinions.
more ...

Earth's Radiation Budget

The Earth's heat budget
an overview seen by oceanographers, structured text with illustrations and links for further reading, from: School of Fishery and Ocean Sciences, Univ. of Fairbanks, Alaska

Factors controling the Earth's energy budget
a short overview and illustrated fact sheets (PDF), from: NASA Langley Research Centre

Nitrogen Cycle ...

Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen Fixation
Detailed and nicely illustrated information about the role of nitrogen in the microbial worlds, from: University of Edinburgh

Overview of the nitrogen cycle
on one page in Physical Geography Net

Carbon Cycle ...

Aspects of the Carbon Cycle in key words
a well illustrated Powerpoint lecture in 17 slides, from: University of Maryland - Dept. of Geology

Carbon Cycle in numbers
on one page overview with two flow charts from: NASA,  Earth on Fire

Vegetation fires ...

The impact of fire on ecosystems
detailed text with illustration, from: University of Texas, Austin

Ozone and smog

What is smog?
a brief introduction on types of smog, from: Environment Canada

Smog, its impact and history
a look back to former times, from: Health and Energy
Local smog watch
ozone smog impacts are local phenomena, example: Indiana smog watch, from: Indiana - office of air quality

Ozone and health

How might ozone affect my health?
Ozone, exposure and health risks, text based information, from: Minnesota Department of Health




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