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Upper atmosphere


atmospheric layers * dynamics * aviation * stratospheric ozone * ozone hole * CFCs * observation



Layers of the atmosphere

Jetstream - an online weather school
Find here an introduction to the atmospheric layers, pressure gradients and convection - with nice illustrations
Scheme of atmospheric layers
Layers of the Atmosphere  Atmospheric Layers on NASA Explorer
Brief text only overviews


IATA Pressroom
IATA is the International Air Transport Association - in the Pressroom you will find not easy readable articles, but information about air traffic and other developments from reliable sources
Flying off to a warmer climate
Explaining and calculating the emissions, giving background knowledge, modelling your flights - an interactive page stressing the climate risks of flying


Convection - why heat makes air move
A short introduction to convection


Stratospheric Ozone

Ozone and the Atmosphere
A general introduction to stratospheric ozone, the history of ozone formation, production, destruction and its impacts - provided by NASA

Ozone Hole

News about the ozone hole ... topical and comprehensive
Well structured and frequently update information, data usually compiled from reliable research institutes, provided by the non-profit organisation Ozone Hole Inc.
"A comprehensive guide to stratospheric ozone depletion"
Clear overview of ozone depletion, its reason and impacts, as well as health impacts - good graphics - material and layout are not new, but not outdated
Ozone depletion and its impacts
Primarily text based introduction treating the main aspects - part of a lecture from Univ. of Michigan

Ozone Hole chemistry

The ozone hole tour
Excellent overview from Cambridge University (also French and German) - the material is not new but gives still a very good overview of the most important reasons and chemical processes
Ozone depletion in key words
A short and simple text only overview

Ozone Hole special

Why was the ozone hole 2002 so small?
A scientific explanation in a NASA top story

Chlorofluorocarbons CFC and Hydrochlorofluorcarbons HCFC

What are CFCs? - CFC Overview - Halocarbons
Text only introductions
CFC replacements: HCFC and HCF
A short introduction
UNEP Information about CFCs and their phase out (PDF)
The press information sheet of the United Nations Environment Programme gives a good overview with many graphs about CFCs, their phase out and the Montreal Protocol
The global warming potentials
Overview of greenhouse gases and their global warming potentials, CFC and HCFC among them

Volcanoes and climate

Volcano news
Where on the world are volcanoes erupting - frequently updated overview
How do volcanoes erupt?
An overview of volcano characteristics and emitted material
Climate effects of volcanic eruptions
A short overview, what climate impacts the eruptions have
Volcano Gases and their climate impacts
Chapters in the Volcano World page (Univ. of North Dakota)
Links compiled and uploaded by Liezl Escabusa and Elmar Uherek




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