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Climate in brief
- Our Climate
- Atmosphere
- Troposphere
- Stratosphere
- Weather
- Clouds, Aerosol
- Climate in Cities
- Oceans
- Food & Climate
- People changing climate
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A brief overview of the climate system

In the ESPERE Climate Encyclopaedia you will find an explanation of the climate system on about 150 webpages. Here we will give you a brief overview what we are going to explain and which processes and interactions the climate system includes. You can navigate through the topics on the left hand navigation bar. A link on each page will lead you to details in the Climate Encyclopaedia.


The topics of this overview...

Our Climate System

Atmosphere in general

Lower Atmosphere

Upper Atmosphere



Climate in Cities

The Oceans

Food & Climate

People Changing Climate



Link to the Encyclopaedia

Here you go to the details in the Encyclopaedia



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