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Clouds & Particles
1. Clouds
- Water in the atmosphere
- Formation of clouds
- Cloud types
* Worksheet 1
* Worksheet 2
* Worksheet 3
* Worksheet 4
2. Particles
3. Sun and clouds



Clouds & Particles


1. Clouds


Worksheet 2





Can you answer the following questions?

1) A glass of cold water will often get a dew-coat on the outside of the glass. These water droplets appear because...
a) water from the inside of the glass condensates and forms droplets also on the outside of the glass
b) water vapor in the air condensates and form droplets on the cold surface of the glass
c) when pouring water into a glass, we will more or less always spill some water on the outside of the glass, and the glass gets wet
d) It will not appear water droplets on a glass of cold water

2) Precipitation is...
a) clouds
b) water vapor
c) falling rain, snow or hail
d) a high cliff or crag

3) The water cycle can explain...
a) why the rainbow is shaped as an arc or a part of a circle
b) the formation of spiraling water currents in streams and rivers
c) how tornadoes and swirling winds are formed
d) the constant circulation of water on Earth

4) Key components in the water cycle are...
a) dinosaurs
b) the refraction of sun’s rays into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet light
c) Earth's orbit around the sun
d) atmosphere, land and sea

5) What is white "smoke" that you can see rising from a pan of boiling water?
a) Water in liquid phase
b) Water in gas phase
c) Heated oxygen gas from the air above the pan
d) Water in solid state

6) When air is uplifted, it will...
a) get colder
b) get warmer
c) maintain its temperature
d) get colder above sea and warmer above land


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2. Mention at least three
different forms of precipitation.


3. Answer individually or in groups

How will you explain the following phenomena? 

a) Mist above a lake?

b) A cloud cap on a mountain?

c) Night dew in the grass?

d) Frost smoke in front of your face
    on a cold day?

e) Fog when you open the sauna door?

DEW (Photo: NOAA)


Authors: Ellen K. Henriksen and Camilla Schreiner - University of Oslo - Norway. Scientific reviewer: Justine Gourdeau - LaMP Clermont ferrand - France - 2004-01-13. Quiz programmer: Julia Heres - University of Nürnberg - Germany. Last update: 2004-03-27.




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