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Climate Change classes 1
UQ 3 May 07 Cars and ozone
UQ 2 Mar 07 Urban air
F: Coffee in the wind
F: Sources and sinks
R: Pathways of air
R: Kerbside measurements
A: Questions and experiments
C: Information for teachers
Climate change 2007 IPCC special
UQ 1 Nov Dec 06 Particles in air
Special: Oct. 2006 Communication
Nr 10 Sept. 2006 Africa's emissions
Nr 9 July 06 Air traffic
Special: June 06 Climate summit
Nr 8 April 2006 Ozone & N2 cycle
Nr 7 March 2006 Climate modeling
Nr 6 Feb. 2006 acid rain
Nr 5 Jan. 2006 oceanic sulfur
Special: Nov 05 Ozzy Ozone
Nr 4 Oct. 2005 light/satellites
Special: Sept 05 Cyclones
Nr 3 Sept. 2005 methane/energy
Special: July 05 Greenhouse Earth
Nr 2 June 2005 forest/aerosols
No 1 May 2005 vegetation/CO2

Questions and experiments about the tracks of air

We offer different questions, tasks and experiments related to the text. They are also accessible as sub-pages of the texts "Fundamentals" and "Research". Here you find an overview:


1. Town planning

Questions about the connection between wind direction and town planning.

2. How the money flows

A distribution experiment which can be carried out by everybody at home. Worksheets as download material.

3. Experiment with flour powder

We visualise particles in air. Flour powder serves as example.




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